2008 Penguin Plunge

2008 Penguin Plunge participants were bathed with a bright sunny day along  the beautiful Crystal Coast of Carteret County. A record-breaking 100 participants donated $5.00 (or more) to support the Taylor Hyman Fund. 2008 Penguins traveled from as far away as Seattle, Washington. The air temperature hovered at 60F degrees and the water was officially recorded at 57.6F degrees. $1080.00 was donated by Penguin Plunge participants to assist Taylor with rehabilitation costs associated with her paralyzing spinal injury.

2008 Penguin Plunge Charity

Taylor Hyman Foundation

Thanks to all the generous participants and spectators who made our 5th Annual Penguin Plunge a success!!  Thanks to Debbie Philyaw and to Heather and Jerry Sink for assisting with registration, and to Becky Misner for the photographs.

Thanks also to the media for their awesome coverage and to the Atlantic Beach Fire and Rescue Squad for standing by during our Penguin Plunge!!