Penguin Rookery

Watch the rookery grow as more “penguins” participate each year. There’s always room for more… it’s a big ocean. Please join us for an invigorating start to your New Year!

2004 – The Inaugural Penguin Plunge

Before the 2004 Penguin Plunge                                                                     After the 2004 Penguin Plunge

2004 Before  2004 After





2005 Penguin Plunge

(Left to right: Tabbie’s official Penguin Plunge Starter; 2005 Penguins heading to the surf; Croatan High Representatives; Participant displays his Penguin prize)

2005-1 2005-2 2005-3 2005-4

2006 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from left: 2006 Penguins ready to go; Spectators and Penguins head seaward; Photos with Gilbert after the Plunge)

2006-1  2006-2 2006-3

2007 Penguin Plunge

(Left to right: New Year decorations; A refreshing dip in the chilly Atlantic; Participants compare plunges.)

2007-1 2007-32007-2

2008 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from left: Youngest participants; Gilbert oversees registration; Hooville stops by; The thrill and agony of the Penguin Plunge.)

2008-32008-1 2008-2  2008-4

2009 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from left: Cold Expressions; Sonny and Taylor; The COOL Registration Crew; 120 Penguins)

2009-1 2009-2 2009-3 2009-4

2010 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from top: Gilbert’s new friends; Star Wars encounter; Penguins to the water)

 2010-2 2010-42010-3

2011 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from left: Heading to the ocean; Freezin’ for a Reason; King Neptune wins costume contest; the Buddy System REQUIRED; Happy New Year!)

2011-1 2011-2 2011-3 2011-5    2011-4

2012 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from top: Family commitment; The Birthday Girl and Friends; Record Crowds Rushing In; The Newlyweds Tied the Knot and Took the Plunge!)

2012-1    2012-2  2012-4      2012-3

2013 Penguin Plunge

(Left to right: Penguin styling; Beach Vader; Penguin Princesses; Bathing Beauties)

2013-1 2013-2 2013-3 2013-4

2014 Penguin Plunge

  (Clockwise from left: Christmas Elves; Chain Gang and Penguins; Penguin Pirates; Plunging In!)

2014-12014-2 2014-3 2014-4

2015 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from top-left: Blast Off; Penguin Apparel; Heading to the water; and the Vikings arrived)

2015-1 2015 -2 2015-3 2015-4

2016 Penguin Plunge

Costumes add so much to the fun factor for the day!!

2016-1 2016-2 2016-3 2016-4 2016-5

2017 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from top-left): Tutus; Ohana with Gilbert; Gilbert has Cousins; and Penguins heading to the water


2018 Penguin Plunge

(Clockwise from top-left): Rick and Lucys; M&M Family with Gilbert; Gilbert’s Cousin; Gilbert’s 2018 Wishes: Stay Warm!)